If you are new to carp fishing or just want to add an extra rod to your set up but don’t have the cash to buy expensive gear this guide will help and outline the best cheap carp fishing rods you can buy today.

There are endless supplies of rods on the market today so it can become really challenging to find a good rod that won’t break the bank.

In this post ill provide information on what you should be looking for when choosing a carp fishing rod and also 5 of the best rods on the cheaper end that will be sure to give you endless hours of fun on the bank and still be able to handle big fighting fish.

First of all lets be honest, 50 pounds isn’t going to buy you an exceptional rod that will handle 30 lb fish with ease without near enough disintegrating but trust me when I say I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised by these rods.

When searching you will find a lot of carp rods under 50 pounds but to be honest the majority are absolute rubbish that don’t have the power or build quality to catch any decent sized fish.

But don’t worry, I’ve done the research for you and found 5 rods that provide decent quality for as little as 18 pounds. If you’re hear as a beginner carp angler make sure and have a read at our “How to carp fish post” to get you started.

In a rush? Jump to the best cheap carp rods

What to look for when buying a rod?

If you are looking for a more in depth guide of what you should be looking for then have a read of my carp fishing rod post.

I’ll give you a quick run down of the most important parts below but I know the real reason you are here is to find some worthy cheap rods!

Type of Rod

Standards carp rods have no inbuilt bite indicators and should be used with bite alarms so you can detect the light bites and know for sure when a carp is messing with your bait.

Quiver tip rods have an extremely fine tip that will move and bend every time your line or bait is touched by a hungry carp.

Quivertips take constant monitoring and there will be no blaring sound when you have a fish on but instead your rod tip will bend massively.

ne things for certain is don’t leave your quiver tip rod unattended as your bait runner or bail arm won’t be open and your line won’t pull out as the carp moves so your rod can be pulled right into the water.


Length of your rod will all depend on what venues you are planning to fish and how far you will need to cast. Carp rods usually come in 10-13 feet in varying sections.

How many sections your rod has won’t play a massive part in the quality and will mainly come down to personal preference.

If you are planning to store your rod in a small cupboard or transport it to the water in a small car then 2 or 3 sections will help keep the size down.

Rods on the shorter end at 10 ft are great for margin fishing or fishing small bodies of water but they lack the power for long range casting.

On the other hand 13 ft rods with the added length provide excellent power on the cast and help to rocket your bait across the water so if you are planning to fish large lakes then I’d be looking to opt for a longer rod.

Rod Action and Test Curve

To understand test curve imagine a weight hanging from the tip of the rod. If it takes a 2.5lb weight to bend the rod to 90 degrees then this rod has a 2.5lb test curve.

Boring right? Ye it might seem boring but this has an affect on the rod action and how much power is created from the rod to keep the pesky carp under control.

Rod action is mainly broken into three main types fast action, middle action and through action which all different pros and cons but if you are really interested you can have a read at the post I’ve linked above.

Rod Handle Line Guides and Reel Seats

When looking for a rod in this price bracket the rod handle line guides and reel seats shouldn’t really be something you are worried about.

If you are looking for the best quality materials and finishes then I’m afraid you are going to have to fork out some more of that hard-earned cash. You certainly won’t find any plush handles or Fuji line guides in here.

Not to worry though these three items being on the cheaper side won’t get in the way of a fun and productive fishing session.

Sonik Vader X Carp Rods

Sonik are the new team on the market but it would seem they have been making carp rods for years. It really is difficult to find any other rod in this price range designed and manufactured to this high level. I’m positive Sonik will be a brand everyone will know and love in the coming years because I certainly do. They really do seem to be topping all the rods in this price range and provide the quality of rods near enough twice this price.

The Sonik Vader X offers excellent progressive casting action that will feel absolutely effortless.

You can buy this rod in 12ft or 13ft at varying test curves to suit your personal preference (mine is the 12ft 3lb rod) and all rods over the 2.75lb test curve come with 50mm butt ring that can be another sign of a quality rod as it is used to reduce friction of your line on each cast.

This rod will ensure fighting carp feels smooth and effortless keeping you in complete control of even the most aggressive carp allowing you to land all sizes of fish with absolute ease.

Now to the looks of the rod, this rod sits above the rest even on appearance. With its matt black carbon fibre blank and the Vader X branding it really does provide that wow factor.

Yes a lot of anglers on the water may not have heard of this brand but you can assure them they will be seeing a lot more of it in the coming years.


  • Wins on looks
  • Progressive casting action
  • Unreal build quality for the price
  • Comes in varying test curves and lengths
  • 50mm Butt Guides


  • Slightly heavier than its Daiwa competitors in this post
  • Not a lot

Daiwa Black Widow G50

I’m sure we have all heard of the brand Daiwa as they are know for making excellent quality rods in all price ranges so to find one in this price range you are sure to be getting excellent value for money.

I can definitely vouch for this. The Daiwa Black Widow G50 comes in varying test curves and lengths all for around the 50 quid so no matter how far you are fishing or what test curve you prefer they do it all!

The Black Widow definitely looks the part, definitely better than a black widow spider anyway. It comes in a nice matt black finish and comes with an aluminium butt cap that will endure all the wear and tear of bank fishing keeping your rod looking fresh.

From a distance it might even look as good as one of Daiwas top quality rods (as long as you are pretty far away). But don’t get me wrong for the price it definitely has a quality look.

This rod even has 50mm butt guides which is pretty rare on rods in this price range. This 50mm butt guide is said to help reduce friction from the line and cast that little bit further.

This rod at 12ft in length and 3lb test curve is what I would be opting for. This rod will make fishing at adequate distances and margin fishing a breeze with plenty of control over the fish. 3lb test curve is the go to for me as it is slightly more forgiving on the smaller fish but still strong enough to reel in fish up to 20lbs with ease.

The Black Widow is lightweight with plenty of power and to be honest I think everyone should have one at only 40 quid and with this level of quality you really can’t go wrong!


  • Powerful Rod for the price
  • Lightweight
  • Looks good
  • Comes in varying test curves and lengths
  • 50mm Butt Guides


  • Skinny Rod Handle
  • No keeper ring to attach your hook when moving while your rod is still set up
  • No 13 foot model

Daiwa Ninja Feeder

Another excellent value for money rod from the well known Daiwa. Ok, i know the rods reviewed here are meant to be under 5o quid but surely an extra ten pounds for a rod as quality as this won’t hurt? This quiver tip rod really is exceptional value for the small price tag of 60 quid. I use this rod on regular occasion and the only reason I’ve ranked it under the Black Widow is due to the added tenner in price. I’m a big fan of quiver tip rods as personally I enjoy watching the tip and see every line bite and knock of my bait until the greedy carp makes the run with the hook in its mouth. The quality of this rods quiver tips lets me do just that.

This rod even has a plush partly cork handle to complement its stylish black and red colour scheme to really look good on the bank (even if you have no idea what you are doing). This is another rod that can look like its more expensive siblings from Daiwa (at a closer distance than the Black Widow).

The rod can be bought in either 11ft or 13ft ideal for shorter or longer range fishing and can cast 40g with the 11ft or 50g with the 13ft which is more than enough for commercial fisheries.

This rod really is ideal for beginners or experienced anglers a like that don’t have money to through around. It is an extremely powerful rod and light rod with forgiving action on the carp when you are ready to sling the net underneath them and bring them to the bank.

If you enjoy a bit of quiver tip fishing like myself then this really is a great value for money and must have rod!

Have a read at my more in-depth Daiwa Ninja feeder review.


  • Another Excellent Value for money rod
  • Extremely powerful rod for the price
  • Looks extremely good on the bank
  • Partly cork rod handle
  • Hook Keeper


  • Slightly over our 50 pound limit
  • Cork handles can sometimes degrade quicker than other materials if not looked after properly
  • Only comes in 11ft or 12ft

TF Gear 10ft Banshee

This 10 ft rod is ideal for margin or small lake fishing and comes in at a very reasonable 30 quid. This rod is definitely worth the money if you are planning some close range fishing and will handle fish up to 20lbs with ease. Its carbon blank provides adequate power for keeping carp out of snags and it feels like it belongs fighting carp. Yes for the money it’s a decent buy but personally I don’t feel it feels as quality made as the three discussed previously.

The shorter length of this rod makes it a lot easier to store and transport about but remember you sacrifice casting distance with the shorter rods.

For me the Banshee doesn’t really have that wow factor looks wise. Yes it’s a solid enough rod that will handle carp well but it lacks the stunning looks of it’s competitors. But don’t get me wrong you are paying 20 pounds less so if looks isn’t something you worry about too much then this could be the one for you saving you that small bit of cash.

At this price the rod is extremely good value for money and It’ll be sure to bring plenty of fun catching all sizes of fish.


  • Good Value for money rod
  • Performs extremely well for the price
  • Great for margin and close quarter fishing


  • Lacks visual appearance
  • Struggles with long distance casting due to its length

Oakwood Power Match Quiver Rod

This is the cheapest carp rod on the list coming in at only 18 pounds. Is it great? No of course not But is it good value for money? Definitely. I’ve used this used multiple times to give it a go and it will definitely land you some fish up to 15lb with no problems at all but definitely lacks some quality that the other rods on this review have. But really I wasn’t expecting anything else due to the extremely low price. This rod would be ideal for any beginner looking to get a start on the massively exciting carp fishing game without throwing around a lot of money.

This is another quiver tip rod so you will manage to keep the cost down as you’ll not need to invest in any bite alarms or rod pods.

This rod comes in three sections which is ideal when traveling in a small car or storing away at home. On my second outing I did manage to snap the last section (due to my own stupidity) but when I contacted the supplier they had no issue in sending me a new section. When buying a rod at this price take extra care as they will break easier as cheaper materials are used.

The rod provides alright action and the 12ft length will provide the chance to fish at far distances on the bigger lakes. I was casting a 20g feeder packed with micro pellets and it had no issues lobbing to heavyish bait to far features.

15lb fish definitely gave a good fight on this rod but I am definitely sceptical if it will manage to handle any fish over this size but that being said it will definitely provide a lot of fun fishing for fish on the smaller end.

Yes this rod is far from great but for the price it will be sure to provide a lot fun until you are ready to step up and buy one of the more well-known brands.


  • Extremely Cheap Rod
  • Can handle fish up to 15lb with ease
  • 12ft rod allows for fishing at reasonable distances
  • Great beginner rod


  • Lacks some build quality
  • Broke a little too easy
  • Only comes in 12ft at unspecified test curve
  • Will struggle with really big fish

Get Fishing!

As I’m sure you can now see 50 pounds can actually go a long way for a cheap carp fishing rod for the beginner and even the experienced angler. The Sonik Vader X really is an exceptional rod for the price and I’d recommend it too anyone. You should now have no doubts in your mind when looking to buy a new cheap carp fishing rod and have no excuse as to why you’re not already involved in carp fishing. As a quick recap here’s my recommendation of the 5 best carp fishing rods under 50 pounds;

  • 1# Sonik Vader X
  • 2# Daiwa Black Widow G50
  • 3# Daiwa Ninja Feeder
  • 4# TF Gear Banshee
  • 5# Oakwood Power Match Quiver

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review and now feel more informed as to what you should be buying. If you have anything to add or any questions feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help.

3 responses to “Cheap Carp Fishing Rods – Under £50”

  1. Simon Kennedy says:

    Im looking for a rod for sand eelibg close in of the shore over sand/shingle rolling a sandell on a drilled bullet rig about 2 to 4 oz more likely 2.
    Im looking catch bass, flatties in the surf.
    Having done some limited research i was looking at the Daiwa Ninja C Feeder.
    Especially interested in the tips if theyll be stiff enough not too bounce but capable of registering a bite.

    Any advice would be cool.

    • Drew says:

      Hi Simon,

      To be completely honest sea fishing for bass and flatties is not my area of expertise. I do however have a lot of experience with the Daiwa Ninja Feeder for carp and coarse fishing and it holds up class in these situations. Since it’s usually used for fishing small still carp fishing venues and must be able to pick up small movements the tips are quite flimsy. I’m not overly confident they’ll be able to handle swell or moving water overly well without bouncing a lot but unfortunately I don’t have enough knowledge to suggest an equivalent.

      Hopefully someone drops by with more experience than myself to give you some more info! Good luck!

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