From Blanks to Carp on the Banks

Discover the proven carp fishing knowledge that has helped 150+ carp anglers put more carp in the net.

My eBook “Guaranteed Carp: The Comprehensive Carp Fishing Guide” will fill your brain with all the carping knowledge you need to inevitably get more fish in your net; all within 144-pages.

This superbly researched, straightforward guide to catching carp is one of the best and most well-rounded carp fishing guidebooks on the internet.

There is absolutely nothing like the rush of pure adrenaline when your quiver tip bends, the float dips, your bait alarms sound or the line rips from your hands.

The absolute euphoria of putting fish in the net after patience, waves of frustration, quiet and close proximity to nature is unbeatable.

Everyone wants to look around a venue and notice you are the only one consistently putting fish in the net.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t come with just luck.

 If you keep doing the same thing and getting the same poor catch results: stop blaming luck, the weather, rigs, baits or the thousands of other excuses we all use.

There is nothing worse than playing the game of luck, tying a rig, chucking out some bait and hoping for the best and subsequently:

Another blank!

It’s time for a change; pick up a copy of “Guaranteed Carp” and join the long list of delighted carp anglers who have massively improved their carp fishing approach.

Don’t just take my word for it. Listen to John, Derek, Ian, Alan and the rest of the fellow carp anglers who left of review for “Guaranteed Carp”:

Now, here’s the good bit. I’m offering the eBook version you can buy on-site right now (delivered instantly to your email).

For only:


If this wasn’t already good enough, I will also send you my “12-Page Method Feeder Fishing Guide” (worth £10.99) that will tell you everything you need to know about method feeder fishing for carp.


I will send a well-designed 123-Page Fishing Logbook (worth £10.99) to track all your fishing sessions.

This allows you to build a detailed picture of how the carp swimming beneath you react to certain baits, rigs, weather conditions and what swims you have caught and spotted the most fish in.

This will allow you to consistently improve your fishing approach or replicate successful fishing sessions.

(more info on these free offerings further through the page)

All for only £39.97 £17.99

What's Included? #2

Full Contents List

I’m sure you’ll want to know EXACTLY what content you will find in “Guaranteed Carp: The Comprehensive Carp Fishing Guide”.

Not to worry, I’ve provided a complete list of the contents below:

Introduction (Page 3-22)
◦ History of Carp Fishing
◦ Types of Carp
◦ Other Coarse Species
Carp Behaviours (Page 24-37)
◦ Are Carp Bottom Feeders?
◦ Why Do Carp Jump?
◦ Carp Feeding Explained
Carp Fishing Tackle (Page 39-69)
◦ Rod Basic Specifications
◦ Rod Types
◦ Reels for Carp Fishing
◦ Carp Fishing Lines
◦ End Tackle Explained
◦ Carp Tools
Watercraft (Page 71-82)
◦ Spotting Signs of Carp Presence and Feeding
◦ Mud Clouds and Floating Debris
◦ Patrol Routes
◦ Bottom Composition
◦ Weather

Baits (Pages 84-117)
◦ Sweetcorn
◦ Boilies
◦ Pellets
◦ Pop-Ups
◦ Bread
◦ Maggots
Rigs (Pages 117-130)
◦ Method Feeder
◦ Open-Ended Feeder
◦ Cage Feeder
◦ Maggot Feeder
◦ PVA Bag
◦ Chod Rig
◦ Ronnie Rig
Carp Carp (Pages 132-140)
◦ How Long Can Carp Survive out of water
◦ Carp Handling Tools
◦ How to Hold Carp

FREE Content With Every eBook Purchased

Yep, you read that correctly. With every eBook purchase of “Guaranteed Carp: The Comprehensive Carp Fishing Guide,” I will send you content worth £21.98 completely FREE, all delivered to your email with your full eBook for only £17.99.

Will you find a better deal for learning how to catch more carp? I think not.

Free 12-Page Method Feeder Guide

  • A detailed explanation of Method Feeders and the various types available
  • How to tie the perfect method feeder rig – step by step with images
  • How to attach hook baits to your rig.
  • How to prepare the perfect method feeder mix to maximise your catches
  • Best hook bait pairings for the method feeder
  • Easy to follow steps for fishing with a method feeder

123-Page Fishing Log Book

A printable fishing logbook with space to record essential information of 40 fishing sessions.

By recording information, you should notice patterns of the time of day, wind direction, air temperature, air pressure, the peg you are fishing, and what tackle and methods influence your success rates.

By taking notes you should also be able to notice recurring behaviour of where the carp are most likely to be caught in certain conditions so you can improve and maximise catch rates on your next outings.

I‘m so confident you’ll find plenty of value in “Guaranteed Carp: The Comprehensive Carp Fishing Guide” that I am willing to offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied with the content all you need to do is send an email to me at “” and I’ll refund the full amount paid; No questions asked.

You really have nothing to lose for all the carp fishing knowledge you’ll need, what are you waiting for?

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