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There is absolutely nothing like the rush of pure adrenaline when your quiver tip bends, the float dips, your bait alarms sound or the line rips from your hands.

The absolute euphoria of putting fish in the net after patience, waves of frustration, quiet and close proximity to nature is unbeatable.

Everyone wants to look around a venue and notice you are the only one consistently putting fish in the net.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t come with just luck.

 If you keep doing the same thing and getting the same poor catch results: stop blaming luck, the weather, rigs, baits or the thousands of other excuses we all use.

There is nothing worse than playing the game of luck, tying a rig, chucking out some bait and hoping for the best and subsequently:

Another blank!

It’s time for a change; pick up a copy of “Guaranteed Carp” and join the long list of delighted carp anglers who have massively improved their carp fishing approach.

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If this wasn’t already good enough, I will also send you my “12-Page Method Feeder Fishing Guide” (worth £10.99) that will tell you everything you need to know about method feeder fishing for carp.


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This allows you to build a detailed picture of how the carp swimming beneath you react to certain baits, rigs, weather conditions and what swims you have caught and spotted the most fish in.

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